About Us

Energy Investment is a professional services firm positioned in the sector of responsible investment and renewable energies, engaged with the development of sustainable projects, technical consultancy and finance structuring.

Our Company has two main divisions: Investment Management and Renewable Energy. NRG advises and co-invests with partners in value-oriented start ups, and develops green energy projects through long-lasting relationships which impact positively in the society, the environment and the economy.

Our Company has a large experience through our multidisciplinary team, covering the main areas for our activities: Technical, Economic, Financial and Legal.

Our focus is to provide the maximum profitability through social responsible investments focused in the renewable Energy and clean tech areas.

Our Directors Board

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Marcos Lacruz
Marcos Lacruz
Óscar Palomares
Óscar Palomares
COO - Technical Development & transactions
Celestino Pastor
Celestino Pastor
Resource Analyst & Asset Manager

Marcos Lacruz

Mr. Lacruz holds a large experience in the renewable sector working since the late 90s in the development and construction of the first wind farms in Spain.

Marcos combines his green energy dedication, where he is President of the Valencian Energy Industry Cluster (AVAESEN) since 2011, with another passion which is the Clean Tech Investment, where he is member of the Valencian Innovation Agency and Climate Kic.

Former CEO of power companies such as Zurcal, Invesol, and member of the Business Angels Association “Big Ban Angels” where he is president of the funds BSF14, BSF15 and BSF16 and also is president of Demium Ventures. Currently he is CEO and Founder of NRG Investment where he is empowering renewable energy projects and sustainable investments.

Óscar Palomares

Mr. Palomares has experience of over 10 years in the power industry covering the fields of Engineering, Development and Contracts, having managed projects accounting more than 1.000Mw from a technical and strategic perspective for companies in the power sector sucha as Zahori PV, Zurcal and Técnicas Reunidas.

Oscar holds a MSc Industrial Engineering by U.Politecnica de Valencia, an MBA, and a MSc Management & Sustainability by Cranfield University.

Currently as a Director-COO in NRG Investment he is in charge of the development, management and transactions of the green projects portfolio, and also the advisory for clean tech investments.

Celestino Pastor

Celestino has a strong background in civil works and resource analysis, and he has spent a lot of years managing energy assets for achieving the best performance of the renewable farms and the best performance for our partners investments.

Mr. Pastor holds a bachelor degree in civil topography and a MSc in renewable energies, additionally has a deep knowledge of new technologies and IT languages.

Celestino is currently in charge of NRG assets management department, matching the production with the forecasted resource, and additionally has responsibilities in the technical advisory for IT and clean tech investments.

Our story

First Wind Farm in C.Valenciana
First PV parks are developed.
Consolidation as a renewable leader in engineering, promotion and technical assistance.
189Mw Letter of Award, Cantabria Wind Tender.
Internationalization: Romania, Ecuador, Peru, UK, France, Italy
Presidency of Valencian Association Energy Companies.
Repositioning in the domestic market. Specialization in M&A Energy operations and clean tech lines. NRG is born.
Merchant PV promotions Start and Success in the Spanish Wind Tender.
M&A, Legalization and Construction Start of first PV Merchant parks in Spain. Success in the Spanish Renewable Energy Tender advising a key group winner.